Adobe Audition inside of Cubase 7?


I’ve been watching alot of studiosessions with a hardstyle producer called “Frontliner” lately.

He seems to be using Adobe Audition as his main sampler. How do you implement it into Cubase 7 like he does? it opens automatically when he just doubleclick the audiofile.

Could someone explain to me what he means when he says “I stretch it until it sounds bad and then take that note and put in audition and stretch it there again”? It’s around 1h 19min in this clip:

Here he uses Adobe Audition inside of Cubase 6.5:

I am REALLY interested in this, seeing as Adobe Audition can do some interesting things that Cubase 7 do not offer in the same way. So, if anyone could answer or help me out on this question It’d be HIGHLY HIGHLY appreciated!


If this really works (the videos were too long to watch), I guess it must have to do with ReWire.

It’s described in an article at the, called Making Connections with ReWire - and on page 680 in the C7 Operation Manual.

I have Adobe Audition myself, but never tried. So please tell us if you make it work… :smiley:

Thank you!

But I still wonder - why would he use Adobe Audition instead of Cubase when going into deep on samples? What is better there?

I guess the answer to why you would use Audition instead of Cubase, would be the same as why using WaveLab instead of Cubase.

As for me, I use Audition for some editing directely on audio-files, as well as some mastering-procedures.

If it is possible to use Audition in a ReWire configuration with Cubase, I guess it would be for editing the wav-files there instead of in the wave-editor in Cubase. And why would you do that? Well, that would be if there are some functions in Audition that have no conterparts in Cubase, or if they function better. It could also be relevant if you are more familiar with Audition than with Cubase.

Thank you very much! I guess it’s just a matter of taste and what he’s used with. BUT, one thing I noticed, is that in Adobe Audition you can REALLY get close into those waveforms and edit them easily. I guess that’s why he implemented it into Cubase.

Actually I think the sample editor inside of Cubase is pretty poor compared to this.

He’s just using Audition as an external editor. It doesnt need rewire as it doesn’t ‘talk’ with Cubase, it just runs in the background and he edits samples when he wants.

Maybe it is because you can really see the waveform well in Audition, but he seems to hint that he timestretches in Audition so maybe that’s what he prefers.

I remember the days when you could link an external editor like this directly to Cubase and samples would open up in the external editor from the arrange page instead of the built-in editor.

Shame Steinberg are no longer capable of doing that. you just can’t get the programmers these days. :wink:

If you mean the excellent cubase-wavelab integration that existed up to cubase SX…its because that was when unlimited undo was introduced in cubase therefore no more integration. That was truly sad.

I recently asked PG if there could be any chance to bring it back. Unfortunately its in the hands of Steinberg cubase. I don’t think Steinberg wants that integration because frankly wave lab editing makes editing samples in cubase embarrassing.

You used to be able to specify any ‘external editor’ – I think I used Sound Forge at the time.

This was good if you were more comfortable in a different editor and meant you could use any features not available in Cubase at the time (external Time Stretching Algos etc)