ADR - Copy Marker descriptions to dialogue column

Is there a way to easily copy a cycle marker’s description to the Dialogue column?

When preparing ADR sessions I create cycle markers for all the ADR cues, by using the “Create Cycle marker” and entering the specific dialogue line in the description column. I use the “Always show dialogue” option in the ADR setup, allowing the voice talent to see the dialogue on screen. In order to see this I have to manually enter (or copy) every line that I entered in the description column, to the dialogue column. It would be great if I could copy all the descriptions tot the dialogue column at once.

I could export all the Cycle markers to a CSV, and then import them back, assigning the description column items to the Dialogue column. But is there perhaps a faster way?

I’m afraid not. As far as i know it’s not possible to batch edit marker attributes.
Together with a search (and replace) function it would be a very nice addition though!

Too bad. The workaround method I use by exporting and (re)importing a CSV file works fine though.

Or just learn to tab to the dialog Field when entering the line.

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