ADR dialogue font and limitation

after searching in the forum, i’m astonished that only 1 german guy reported this issue in ADR video windows :

  • only 3 lines of text are allowed (it will automatically split a long sentence into 3 lines, BUT if you use carriage return then only 2 lines are working…)
  • no way to change the font name or font size ?

we have very long sentence for ADR… and even if the ADR panel does show it completely, the size is very small.

how to change this ? no preference or registry or trick ?

so PLEASE in next update include those 3 preferences (max lines + font size + font name) into the video tab of ADR settings.


hello again!
since this issue will not be solved anytime soon, we go other route : simply add a 2nd monitor, on which we display video + ADR windows.
okay but :

  1. windows scaling is bad, meaning that the 2nd screen-lower-resolution show bigger font size but blurried
  2. so we need :
  • use 2x identical monitors
  • how to increase the size of the ADR font inside it’s window ?
  1. or perhaps use a HDMI downscaler device