ADR Features

1.) Show Takenumber.
Visibility of actual Takenumber for the Cutter and the voice-talent in the video- window
So far the only workaround is to copy takenumbers into another row of the CSV and import them as dialogue… :unamused:
2.) Second Video window or the ability to route the picture to another driver, without Blackmask and counter.
The Director does need to look at the scene without any mask or counter in the vid-window.
Only workaround here is to implement another vid-player and link it to Nuendo. Takes time when switching from episode to episode.
3.) Loop record
The ability to record in loop mode until the take is done. No possibility so far to do so with ADR mode active. No workaround here!
4.) Record light ( red (record), yellow (rehearse) and green (relisten)
There is no way so far to indicate the mode active in the ADR tool except in the Video - Window. This indication is far to small and not useful, nor is it visible outside the recording room.
5.) Transparancy of the Blackmask
Would be awesome to just reduce the visibility of the movie in pre- and post-roll.
6.) Possibility of active second marker track for notes.
Sometimes it is necessary to mark up spots and put some information for cut or mix into the session. The ADR markers can not be used for that.
7.) Second Diaogue - start-point in Take:
Every other ADR-System has a 2nd In-point for scenes. TC-In-marker 2.

Is there a way that the video player can be duplicated in two windows. This way my actors can see the video on one screen in the recording room while I see it on another screen in the control room. Until now I accomplish this by playing a mirror in the control room so I can see the screen in the control room. Does anyone know what is the recommended solution? I saw something here about creating another video player and linking it. Is there an easier way? It would be real convenient if two video players could be created within Nuendo.

No matter how you look at it, you’ll have to duplicate your video window.
If that is on your computer screen, then you have to find a way to mirror it. (HDMI splitter)
If it’s a blackmagic output, same here.
Running a second videoplayer on a second computer is another a solution.

We have a video router that routes any source video to any TV/screen.
A bit of an investment, but it makes life so easy …


What Fredo says, just use a HDMI splitter, the simplest and cheapest solution.

Some multiple outputs video cards do have an option to clone a screen to another one.

I’m not sure that it’s working if using more than two screen nevertheless. Has to be checked.

Or simply add a video card that will clone two monitors, and keep other monitors on the main video card.

Nvidia do have Multi-Display Cloning. Matrox have some graphics expansion modules that should allow this kind of setup.

5b.) black mask option for pre- and post-roll independently

That is not the issue. What i was talking about is, having a second Monitor without any mask during preroll or postroll for the director who needs the scene without limitations.
Like I wrote:
The Director does need to look at the scene without any mask or counter in the vid-window.

And another Update without any improvements of the ADR-Tool. :cry: :cry:

At least now, the Bug in N10, regarding selection of more than one cycle-markers is solved.

Hopefully some new features are coming to the ADR - Tool. let’s hope!

Ok, I was really thrilled about the N12 update…

None, really none of the asked options have been implemented into that “great” N12 update.

I really doubt that anyone, who was included in that update, has never worked in a dubbing session, where the only task is to record dubbing - artists.