ADR Markers

When recording ADR I have a session set up with hundreds of markers. Some are very close together.

The problem I have; is when the markers are close together and I’m overlaying dialogue on the screen, the next line of dialogue is displayed on the screen instead of the line I want to record.
Is there a way to focus on one line at a time?

Do I need to use cycle markers instead? I can make several marker tracks with the markers spread out from on another, but this seems a little labor-intensive for such a slick programme as Nuendo.

Ben R Sound

After some manual reading and experimentation. I now know I need to set cycle markers. This will then display only the line required. At least that’s what I have figured so far.

Any experience sharing is greatly appreciated.

From my experience, cycle markers are the way to go for the ADR tool and I think it’s by design. My setup for foley (where I have lots of cues close to each other) is to create multiple marker tracks with cycle markers to separate various things (e.g. marker tracks for clothing, hands, misc) and record each to their own tracks. I would do the same thing for a multiple character session of ADR.

Yes. Cycle markers by design.
Otherwise the punch-out the end of loop, or loop recording altogether wouldn’t make sense at all.