ADR Reader Problems

I worked with the ADR Reader for a small project and found the following errors/problems:

(Current Nuendo version, Windwos 11, also latest version)

(Problem is particularly noticeable when the reader is running on another device in the network - in my case a Mac book with Safari or Morzilla Browser):

  1. During the preroll, the text of the previous take is displayed in the main Dialog Window.
    Although my Internet / network is really fast, it takes a very long time until the text of the take to be recorded is actually displayed (by then the take is usually already over).
    However, I think it would make more sense for the text of the previous take not to be displayed at all in the main window during the preroll.

(The following problems also occur when I use the ADR Reader via localhost or the network adapter, i.e. on the same computer)

  1. When jumping from one take to the next, it happens after a while that the ADR reader no longer displays a dialogue. It then usually jumps back to the first take.
    If I then select the take to be recorded from the selection menu in the reader, the appropriate dialogue appears, but as soon as I click on Play or Record, the first take of the project is overwritten.
    Attempts in Nuendo itself to select the take to be recorded and then press Record via the ADR Reader fail. The only thing that helps is to restart Nuendo. Then the ADR Reader works again for a while.

  2. if I change or filter the sorting of the takes in the ADR window in Nuendo, this is not transferred to the ADR Reader. So if I want to select the previous or next take in the ADR Reader, the sorting or selection I made previously is not taken into account.

Basically, the ADR Reader and the associated options for remotely controlling the project are a really great idea. I hope that the described bugs will be fixed soon.

An additional feature would be desirable if you could filter or sort the takes in the ADR Reader itself.