ADR sheets

Does anyone have recommendation for software that could generates ADR cue sheet ( session sheet)
ADR session sheet sample.png
from Nuendo markers? I’ve tried Edit Cue but no luck.


Yes. You can use EDLtranslate.
Import the ADR tracks as track archive and export it as csv. Then you load it on excel etc.

Best way also if different tracks for different actors there are.


Thanks Dietrich,

I’ll check that out, for the time being I’ve made a FileMaker template but is not ideal as Its still a work in progress.



ADR tool, CueSheeter first beta version is out.

Here is the link to my website for all stuff I do.
Or directly to the web app itself. (running on a AWS server in stockholm.)

Test, test, test. But actor, and french layout works. No ensemble yet…