ADR sheets

Does anyone have recommendation for software that could generates ADR cue sheet ( session sheet)
ADR session sheet sample.png
from Nuendo markers? I’ve tried Edit Cue but no luck.


Yes. You can use EDLtranslate.
Import the ADR tracks as track archive and export it as csv. Then you load it on excel etc.

Best way also if different tracks for different actors there are.


Thanks Dietrich,

I’ll check that out, for the time being I’ve made a FileMaker template but is not ideal as Its still a work in progress.



ADR tool, CueSheeter first beta version is out.

Here is the link to my website for all stuff I do.
Or directly to the web app itself. (running on a AWS server in stockholm.)

Test, test, test. But actor, and french layout works. No ensemble yet…

I got th same problem.
I need a cue sheet for ADR in Nuendo 11.
How can I produce the cue sheet?

well, @Michael_AVW I think your options are at this time rather limited.
Either learn how to do it yourself, buy EdiCue or use Helges beta software that you clearly can see in the post above yours.
If you pay Helge for it perhaps he could be convinced to adapt it to whatever you need. Perhaps…

Honestly its not super difficult to create a nice list using Excel or whatever, but to get ADR sheets as they traditionally should look is a much more difficult job.

pretty straight forward to export as CSV and fine tune in excel or google sheets to match close to this format.

Have you tried it, really?

Multiple cells of data on multiple rows gathering it’s data from a single line that comes the exported csv.

It’s not that easy unless you speak excel in your sleep.
If it was simple there would be many templates available out there. I haven’t seen any that fully does it.

A database is the best solution to do this I think but then you have to build the proper formatting and output options.

If you think it looks simple to do then please do it and share the template :slight_smile:

easy for us, used on many features etc. So to each their own

We make out own as well. But they do not look like ”Standard ADR” printouts. they work for us, but it would be nice to have a straightforward way to create A more typical adr printout.
Would you mind sharing yours @Timeline ?
Ours is just a cleaned and formatted csv list really so not fancy at all.

ours looks probably exactly as you described. I’ll try to share one when I get in the studio. Yes not typical of the exact same format, but main point being since I’ve been on Nuendo for many years working in Film, sending sheets that way has never not gotten the job done, or resulted in any other studios (performing the recording) having issue with the format if that’s any consolation. I just make the dialogue tabs nice and big to resemble that format and ensure all labeling is clear. With Nuendo Markers I can even provide some extra tabs with more info when needed, if something needs more explanation with is nice.

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one advantage though if Nuendo were to create a better dedicated ADR sheet maker would be the ability to keep it updated as sometimes ADR is happening at different points in Post based on performers schedules. etc. So I can see the value in that for sure