ADSR for Instruments that don't have native ones?

Many instruments, e.g. the Kontakt Factory Library, e.g., their World > Strings, don’t seem to have any ADSR controls. I wanted to adjust the attack in their Oud to reduce the “pluck” portion of the sample and I could find no apparent way to do it. (is there one that I just overlooked?)

So I was looking for a Cubase filter to accomplish that and the only one I could find was the Cubase “Envelope Shaper” which has Attack, Length and Release settings. But the Attack and Length settings seem to have no audible effect at all, even when the Attack is varied over a +/- 20 dB range! Is that filter broken? Are there any other ways to deliver ADSR to instruments that don’t have native ones?

Thanks in advance.

All Kontakt patches have envelopes. open the Edit window for the instrument.


Excellent! Thanks; that’s handy to know. I wonder why they hid it down there under the instrument busses and other uber-geek features instead of making it part of the regular instrument controls like many other instruments (including many Kontakt instruments) do.

Additional Details: One problem is that they don’t automatically track each other. I was experimenting with the KFL cello ensemble and I noticed that if I set the attack to the halfway point in the main instrument and then to its minimum or maximum value in the Edit section it did not change it in the main the instrument. Curiously, if you change it in the main instrument that change DOES get reflected in the Edit section. So if the attack is set really short in one and really long in the other, which one takes precedent?

The author of the preset/library must be able to set that. But you should ask the right people, those in the NI forums.