Advanced chopper features?

Hi guys,

Cubase has the “Modulation > Chopper” plugin. Is there any way to get an advanced version or some plugin you all may know?
Example, I chop a track at 16th notes, but I want some of the chops to be a little shorter, or some a little longer. Randomize the volume of each chop, etc… what do you guys currently do if you need this?

Mr D

Have a look at:

Cable Guys
Izotope Stutter Edit

The Chopper does provide a pretty complete set of note-division values. There’s a wheel that lets you set the step-size. This can be automated and included in your track to change the note-divisions to different settings as the track plays. The step values will appear in your automation track and can be written and then edited as needed. In fact, every control in Chopper can be automated as far as I can tell.