Advanced chords in chord track?

Hello! I was tring to enter some advanced chords like Gm7b9b13 in the chord track but was unable to do so. When I tried firstly, some options where greyed out and secondly, when I tried to enter a b13 to my G minor chord it transformed into a simple G chord.

it possible to enter these kinds of funky chords in the chord track? Maybe with some settings?


What notes should be played in your chord?

short version: Turn off automatic scales in the chord track inspector, and set the scale for that chord to ‘No Scale’. Should work.

longer :wink:
With automatic voicings and scales active Cubase will not let always let you spell a chord like that - maybe it’s because the mode is ambiguous, could be a kind of Eb dominant, or a G half-diminished or maybe a Lydian Db6/9.

Assuming it’s G, Bb, Db, F, Ab, Eb, if you turn off Automatic Scales and set the scale for that chord to No Key (or set one where this chord would be ‘logical’ you can spell the chord the way you want it.

A weird thing to watch out for is that when you choose from the list of scales, only sharps are displayed for the tonics, so there are impossible keys, like G# major which has F double sharp… :wink: the user has to transpose in their head. This prob was fixed for the the chord menus, but not for the scale menu, yet.

G, Bb D, F, Ab and Eb

I’m afraid it didn’t work for me. I used no scale and deactivated adaptive voicings and Automatic scales but still couldn’t enter a simple C11. However, I found the “MIDI input” option and I could enter any chord!

However, I noticed that even if it displayed a Gm7b9b13 it didn’t play it correctly. I just played a normal Gm7 and when i tried a C11# ot just played a C6!? Maybe chord track isn’t smart enough for these complex chords?

The chord track isn’t even smart enough to make a cup of tea. :wink:

As for as the truncated chords, you also have to set the chord track to Basic voicing to get all the possibilities, because presumably, the guitar and piano voicing are limited to what is physically possible on those instruments.

I see that the midi function works great, and I think I was wrong about having to putz with the scales, because when I just tried I could enter anything, and end up with an impossible chord like

So the system works! :wink:


When I switch to the Basic voicing, then it works to me. See attached screenshot, please.

indeed… :wink:

Thanks! Now I got it and can enter any chord! :smiley:

I spoke a little too soon when I said that I could enter any chord. There seems to be no way of adding some chord like powerchords and C5b but it’s fair enough,

Yeah, it needs 3rds to see it as a chord…