Advanced Crossfade Editor - Tab to Transient

It would be so helpful if there was a tab to transient or go to next transient in the advanced crossfade editor and a shortcut modifier like in Pro Tools align the two transient locations on the fade out and fade in.

A simple “tab to transient” (without having hitpoints calculated) would be very cool! Also beeing able to use the “TAB” key for would be nice… :slight_smile:

And a more improved crossfade (and batch fade) editor would be nice too… protools has a way better workflow there…


Just curious what it is you like better about the crossfades in Pro Tools? Pro Tools 12.6 finally got some updates that were long overdue but no where near what I need that I get in Nuendo with the ripple edits and how I can move thigns around and move the audio or crossfade and nudge things around. For my workflow at least with classical edits working in Pro Tools was just way too slow! Nuendo is close to Pyramix in the advanced editor but I don’t want to deal with all the headaches involved in Windows and at this point am way too invested in osX.

Always looking for ways to improve things that I hadn’t thought of before since I still work regularly in Pro Tools.

might we see someting of it in 7.5?