Advanced MIDI editing question


I have a MIDI part, with 12 MIDI CC streams inside.

I’d like to separate them quickly into 12 separate MIDI track (each containing one MIDI CC stream).

I know I can use the List editor for this, but this is quite tedious extracting one-by-one.
The “Dissolve Part” function seems to be working by pitch and midi channel only.

The “Extract MIDI Automation” function is almost what I am looking for, except I want to keep it as MIDI part, not automation track.

Is there any fast way to separate these cc streams into MIDI parts?


No idea? :unamused:

I don’t know of a single command, but if it were me I would do this.

1 Copy the part so you have 12 different copies of the original
2 Open list editor on 1st part
Now open the logical editor and create a command to select (filter target=value 1, condition=equal, parameter 1=your midi cc, function=select) click apply - will select all midi cc of the first value you want separated.
3 Now in cubase topline commands, select the “Edit>Invert” command
4 now hit delete key.

that should take care of the 1st part now do the same on the second and so on.
If you assign a key command for “Invert” it will be even quicker.

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I thought there was a way of converting CCs back to midi parts. If there is, would there be an advantage to converting to CCs, then converting them back one by one?

Also, I suspect the logical editor could be programmed to do it, maybe with a macro to do it 12 times?


Thanks for the idea, the subtractive method is always a winner…

Maybe it is even easier this way:
Filter target=value 1 condition=unequal Parameter 1=the required CC
Function - Delete! - so I can leave the Invert command.
Tried, it works very well!

Thank you!

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