Advanced MIDI Remote API setup with SoundFlow and iPad (WIP)

So this is a post about a fairly advanced work-in-progress MIDI remote setup in combination with SoundFlow!
As requested by @Emre_Akca in another post I’m sharing some info on this work.

I’ve made a “walkthrough” video showing what it can do to maybe inspire others and also so you can see what’s possible with the MIDI remote API.
I’m excited to see where Steinberg will take this as it definitely has potential and has allowed me to build a controller that was not possible before (Yes you need to learn some coding in order to obtain this, or pay someone to do it).

Some of the things I’m doing is not possible without SoundFlow and the midiremote script (that I’m attaching) also doesn’t really work without SoundFlow, as all the SysEx stuff is going to SoundFlow and being interpreted there etc!

I had to add a bunch of dummy buttons in my MIDI Remote Script in order be able to do exactly what I wanted. Maybe there’s better ways to implement that. Also I didn’t make the script look nice in terms of sharing, but I’m still including it here, so you can have a chance to look at it and maybe get inspired.

Here you can see how the controller setup looks:

This is my script, you can check out for possible inspiration/solutions for your own thing.
Kenton_Killamix_Mini.midiremote (36.4 KB)

And here’s a 12 min “walkthrough” of the different things I can do with the controller:

Thank you so much. I will have to dive into this later as I have to leave now, but wanted to let you know that I really appreciate your contribution!

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