Advanced question for all you Cubase gurus!

What is the “select channel view set” key command to toggle through views that you setup. select channel view set is in the mixer window in the very bottom left corner.

No Guru’s needed when there is a manual to explain it.
Look at page 151 in the PDF manual.

John - you need to fix your link.

Did you check P. 151 yourself? Because whether there is a key command or not for toggling through your views it not there.

Read it carefully before throwing a trite manual reply.

In the “key commands” section in Cubase, I can’t seem to find it, but I might be missing it hopefully.

oops! somehow I missed the key command part in your post :blush:, I thought you were just asking what it was.
I can’t find key commands for that either, only the set views, not the custom ones.

View Sets - aka Mixer Presets on the WK ID console - can be very useful.
You will need to create them before you can cycle through them though, and you do it like this.
1 - Use the View/Hide icons in the mixer’s common strip on the far left to decide what you want to see.
2 - Click on the “+” button, and give the set a name.
3 - repeat until you have created as many as you like.

With the WK ID Console, I create 8 view sets. For those who have an ID, thisis how to do it.
1 - Press the Mixer Preset button on the edit section.
2 - press the IPO button so it lights up
3 - with the view/hide icons in the mixer channel at the far left, make it so that only input channels are visible
4 - click on the + symbol & save the preset.
5 - Repeat for the following track types, in turn, saving at each point:
Audio, Groups, FX-Returns. this will give you the first 4.
Now double=press the buttons in the edit section so they blink on & off (for the second layer)
Repeat the above procedure for Outputs, MIDI, VSTi and All Tracks.
Now you have 8 mixer presets saved, and can recall each of these at any tme on the ID with a press of a button.

For non ID owners, you can now click on your little “Select Channel View Set” with your mouse, and get instant access to the list you have saved.

I have programmed f6-f10 with the command “Hide X” in the mixer keycommand folder.
In that way, I can have the same mixer (f3) visible and just change the view within the mixer window with just one keyclick. Works very flexible and fast for me…
Eg; f8 is “Hide/show: Audio” f9 is “Hide/show:Groups”, f7 is “Hide/Show: Fx channels”, f6 is “Hide/show: instrument channels” and so on (i use"i" for hide/show: inserts, “e” for \hide/show effect sends 1-4 btw.)

Arvfur that is exactly what I’m looking for :slight_smile: Thank you. I will try.

Neil thank you for your detailed info of setting it up, I appreciate it however you didn’t read the initial post I wrote. I already know how to set it up.

To arvfur: It looks very useful, thanks for this!


I use my key on my QWERTY board for this.

[CTRL]+ Creates a new view.
activates the little popup menu.
It’s not at the lower left of the mixer over the arrow button when invoked from a Key Command.
Instead it pops up right where the mouse pointer happens to be! :sunglasses:
[Shift]+ erases the present view.
I usually have the left thumb on the [CTRL] and left pinky on the which makes it a one hand maneuver.
I have all sorts of finger combinations for KCs that are second nature now, and they definitely make a difference.

This Mixer View popup it REALLY helps when the Track count starts to grow! :sunglasses: