Advanced Time signature options

I would like to be able to set up complicated time signatures, like a bar comprising 5/8 + 3/8 + 7/8.

I need the click to mark the first beat of every 5, 3 and 7. Finale has an option for this, in which you can break any time signature.

In Cubase I have to either sum the compound signature and just use 15/8, or painstakingly write EVERY signature change (because oddly enough, these events cannot be duplicated or repeated).

I wont hold my breath on this, but a reply would be nice.

As regards displaying composite time signatures, Cubase can indeed do this (although a maximum of four, as opposed to Finale’s five :wink: )…
Composite Time Signature.jpg
To achieve that, yes, you enter the “real” time signature as 15/8, then double-clcik on the displayed time signature.
However, as you rightly say, this unfortunately as no bearing on the click that you hear… best option there is to create a dedicated MIDI track, playing a click sound.

We have a similar long-running feature request here:
User defined beat values: Grid,Compound time,odd meter,Click

Pretty sure I plus-one-ed that thread. But for good measure: