Advantages of an Audio Interface?

I use a new Mac Pro using built-in audio for monitoring and mixing. My music is all sample-based and is produced mostly for broadcast, and always rendered and delivered as a 48K AIFF file.

For my purposes would an audio interface offer any major benefits over Mac built-in audio? Thanks.

I would say that if your clients don’t complain then why shell out extra money?

The only difference it could make is to allow you to mix differently, some might say better but then that depends on your current mixes and what you’re listeners are using to listen. In terms of audio quality, as you’re using imported samples, mixing in the box and exporting direct to files, the quality of the audio monitoring can only effects your mixing decisions.

However, the latency you choose can have a difference on how well the automation works, and that can depend on the audio hardware available. This is due to the fact that automation is not sample accurate (I guess it may be now in Cb6??) and it moves about more or less depending on latency. This can cause problems if you’re automating a rhythmical chopping effect for example because it’ll not quite be in time.



You can always wire good studio monitors to build in audio output and you’ll be okay. Differences start when you are trying to record audio into your projects. If you’re not recording audio, vocals whatsoever it doesn’t matter and you will not hear any difference.


Thanks, that’s what I was thinking. I never record anything other than bass parts occasionally. My TV promo and trailer work involves mostly Kontakt 4 (Symphobia, EW Gold, True Strike, etc.) and Omnisphere, so it sounds like there’s no real advantage since my monitor speakers sound great right out of the Mac.

if you mix itb, and don’t use multiple i/o, and you are not in need of mic preamps /dac or any sort of analogue routing capabilities, given that you’re happy with the sound of your built-in audio, then you’re doing fine. (anyway to match the sampling quality of the VSTis you mentioned you’d need a lot more than a soundcard