Advice About Tickets/Verification Pending

I’m sorry, I don’t really know where to post this but here seemed logical, to me at least.

How long does it usually take for tickets to be dealt with?

I purchased the upgrade/cross-grade for Spectalayers Pro, from 8 to 9 as the site said I was eligible for it, so I did. Got the download code and the license key, but then I couldn’t register it as there wasn’t a license to upgrade it on the eLicenser, presumably because my Spectralayers was bundled with Nuendo 12,meaning I got a ‘Verification Pending’. I opened a ticket for the problem on the 6th (almost two weeks ago) and now it’s saying I’ve got one day left to register it.

So I guess, should I be worried about it taking so long is it usual for it be a long wait for a ticket to be addressed?

Thank you, kindly.

The product you bought was for owners of a Spectralayers license. The basic, limited version included in the daw is not a retail license that can be purchased.

You should request a refund from Steinberg Shop support. (not Steinberg Tech Support)

See the Support page for the link.

I shall do that.
Thank you very much :slight_smile: