Advice Before Posting?

Its been awhile, but I finally have finished another piece. I actually don’t know what to call it yet… workin’ on it heh. Yeah any advice you got, hopefully mainly mix problems.

I am sure I missed something somewhere, and would love your opinion! I haven’t posted it yet officially so fire away :sunglasses:

Sounds really nice as usual. I’m mostly admiring the sheer interest retention used here with the dynamics, well done there. I also don’t know how you can keep those melodic solo’s going for so long! Kills me dude at the mad skills there.

While what you have been able to make out of the bundled sounds is admirable, I think you would benefit from expanding your sound palette. No where is this more evident than the drums, which if you had used better samples, they could be mixed to stand out more aggressively in the mix. Someone please correct me if you feel this is wrong.

PS I did get the Pop EZX for EZDrummer, which has some pretty nice electronic style kits (especially the kicks). If you want, I’d be happy to render any MIDI files you have with different kick drums from the kit (a dry version and another one with the Waves Renaissance Bass FX). Then you could process to taste. If not that’s all cool but I always like to offer.

Thanks for the offer but I don’t really want to go all back and mix in an entire new set of drums… although I am sure they would sound great :smiley:
I am glad someone pointed it out, yes I do need some new sounds. especially drums. Whenever I go to try and make something new I normally get hung up on the drums and give up… the problem is I haven’t really heard anything I like enough for electronic trance or techno. I will have to check out EZDrummer. Thanks for the positive thoughts otherwise!

Dunno what advice your looking for really?

it is what it is, any advice is purely subjective, some will like the drums…some will not…Blakes advice regarding the sound palate is good advice and should be pursued but it is your usual high quality uplifting trance, one thing I would say though is try and keep away from the same old chord progressions (it’s tough I know but something all writers have to deal with) because without a very definable tune over the top ( not talking about arpeggiating a chord here) then the chord prog stands out more…if you catch my drift. :slight_smile:

cheers, Kevin

EZDrummer is, of course, more geared toward acoustic genres of music. The Pop EZX expansion actually was built with those electronic/rock fusion genres in mind. The Number One Hits EZX seems to me the most house/trance/electronica kit available, though some of the samples are pretty far out. In my opinion it would be ideal to layer for instance the Pop EZX samples with Groove Agent’s then bleed to taste. I totally understand why you don’t want to go back and remix, I wouldn’t either. Of course whenever you do want to experiment around with it just give me a shout. :wink:

In regards to Kevin’s comment, I hated to be the one to bring up old advice but he is right. Next time try building the sequence first and then build the chord prog around that. Once you can spit out whistle-worthy phrases like it’s nothing then you’ll pretty much be unstoppable.

Once you can spit out whistle-worthy phrases like it’s nothing then you’ll pretty much be unstoppable.[/quote] :slight_smile: