Advice between 13 pro et 13 artiste

Hello, I allow myself to contact you because I am a singer and I was on the cubase 5 software I invested on a MacBook Pro before I was on Windows so for a few months I thought about which software I should rely on I know a little CubaSe it seems familiar to me compared to Logic Pro that I was also advised So I wanted your opinion on this, there I am lost between two software to start cubase 13 and Logic Pro I am really leaning towards cubase But I would also like to know, what is the difference Between the cubase pro 13 and cubase 13 artist I am someone who records my own songs, that is, mastering mixing voice tracks. So if I had to base myself on your software, I just don’t know if I should buy cubase 13 pro or cubase 13 artist I was wondering if Cubase 13 artist was enough for me. Here I am hoping to have an answer of good advice. I wish you my sincere greetings

Here is a comparison chart for Pro, Artist, etc.