Advice for a Reaper Newbie

In addition to the usual Christmas gifts for my 14 year old this year, I gave her a MIDI controller, my old Tascam US-144 audio interface, cables and bought her a license for Reaper. (She already has a microphone, XLR cable, and a boom stand.)

Last night while I was over there visiting, I installed the Tascam drivers and Reaper and confirmed that signal is making it into Reaper. But I am completely clueless on how to use that DAW. I found a Reaper tutorial on YT (by Sonic Orb Studios), but I was wondering what people here who use it would recommend on getting started with it.


Should have bought her Cubase Larry :laughing:

Couldn’t agree more. No, it’s not statement against Reaper, but if you want to teach someone how to use a DAW, you should use the DAW which you’re familiar with. Same goes with any kind of software, for example Libre Office vs MS Office, Photoshop vs GIMP, etc … yes, I know what I’m talking about, been there, done that, and making the same mistake again and again and again…

Hi Jarno, that’s what I actually meant …Larry knows CUBASE not Reaper! … Athough maybe that was his way of getting into Reaper, by giving it as a “GIFT” aye? :wink: The last time I gave a musical “GIFT” to my kids, it eventually ended up in my home studio when they grew bored with it :stuck_out_tongue:

Personally, I would have done one of three things myself…either give my kid an older version of Cubase I had, a FREEBEE version that came with a product I bought, or buy a lite version of Cubase that I would likely be automatically familiar with. I’d then know how to even use it DOH!

Ah, but he damage has been done, he’s currently a proud owner of Reaper now…time to suck it up, play the deck that was dealt, lay in the bed that was made, drink the potion conjured up :wink:

But… if Cubase was bought instead, he could have System Linked with his daughter … now he’ll never have that connection :wink:

Reaper??? :laughing:

I’ve given all of my LE editions of Cubase away over the years, so I didn’t have one to give her.

And having had some leftover money in my Paypal account from a transaction a while back, I could afford Reaper because it really didn’t cost me anything right now. That’s why I got that and not Cubase. :frowning:

This is easy to solve. Give your 14 year old a computer, internet access, and the URL for the Reaper forum. :wink:

I guess I should have figured that there was a Reaper forum. I’ll look into that.

Anyone else?

Well now you have an excuse to spend more time with your daughter, struggling learning Reaper together :slight_smile:

Seems to me you thought this one out well :mrgreen: :wink:

Hi Larry,

Hardest part of getting reaper going for me was figuring out the midi editor… download the guide and work out how to record and edit midi, the audio side is pretty straight forward. Its way more basic than CB, but quite usable once you fathom the workflow. Its a great DAW in its own right, there are lots of YouTube tutorials too. RTFM for sure.

Their forum is okay, its been a while since I was there, I did not get great Mac support there, but lots of PC support.

You’re a fine dad despite what Tom says :laughing:

She lives 2 hours away with her mom, so that’s easier said than done.

Facetime for the win. :smiley:

Depending on the relationship with the ex, you better hope you don’t end up getting face time with her too! :open_mouth:

“Henry! Let me tell you something, thing, thing, thing!” :laughing: