Advice for score layout when arranging for rockband and orchestra?


I’m currently working on my master degree in musicology, where study arrangement techniques for orchestra combined with a rock band.

The arranger I study, have used the following layout in his score:

It looks really great on the first page, but I guess he couldn‘t make it look like that for all the pages without putting in a lot of work, cause for the rest of the score it looks like this:

(For copyright reasons, I can‘t show you a full page.)

I wonder if any of you have any advice for how you would make a layout for this kind of project. Petter Winroth, the arranger, has one top line for vocals, a middle one for guitar solos, slash notations and chords, and a third one for bass lines. I like this setup, but I’m having trouble finding the “nicest” way to display this… Any advice?

I’m not clear what aspects of the second image are unwanted based on the first image. Are you talking about the rehearsal mark straddling the left bar line?

Using a Player group name to bracket the band could be a nice way to set up the score too.

FredGUnn, that looks really nice! I will try to do something like that! I might need help though, just let me see if I can figure it out myself first.

You might start here.

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Hey, FredGUnn. Do you know if it’s possible for me to make a “Band instrument” that looks like what you did, but where the top staff is assigned to Electric guitar instrument in dorico, and the bottom is assigned to bass, without the names of “electric guitar” and “bass” showing?

By “assigned” do you mean playback assignment? Sure, that’s fairly easy to do in Play mode. If you set it up already as a Piano staff, search the manual for “independent voice playback” (I’m not on a computer to check or post an image)

I figured it out! Thank you very much!

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