Advice from VST synth users

I have a track using Monologue, the preset is Deep Rising.
What would be a close match within the Cubase 9 synths please?

It’s difficult to say exactly as with a sustained changing sound like “Deep Rising” it really does depend how it’s being used as to how easy it will be to match.

That said and starting with just the basic set of VSTs, I’d use Prologue and start with a preset like “Anarise” and then adjust the controls to match those from the Monolog preset and then adjust by ear to perfect the sound in situ.

Thanks mate, I’ll giver it a bash.

I’ve bumped into this problem with some early Projects using older synths myself. What I do is Export the track out of the earlier iteration of Cubase as an audio file and bring it into C9. That way, I can more easily A/B it against the new synth. And, If I can’t nail it, at least I have exactly what was originally used (provided the arrangement doesn’t change).

well first I would say it Depends on what kind of Music you are trying to make. The key and scale are also important Things to consider. And based on that I would then be able to give you some hints on how to treat the sounds With layering, compression and eq techniques. good luck.