Advice how to split one big project into several smaller

I recieved 10 songs as very long audiotracks where each song is separated with a pause between them…

I start mixing to get an overall sound, and will stick to the same sound for the instruments and lead ,more or less…

When done so I now want to save every song as its own project, with all plugins and eq…and continue mixing each song individually.

I tried to cut out one song, deleted the other songs
was ask to remove unused files wich I did but still have the whole files in the backup, just hidden, When drag the parts the rest is there…

Best and safe way to get new smaller projects that is selfcontained from one big
”Motherproject” which is a sort of template…
I just want to have the portion of audio in each project that each and every song needs…

Sorry hard to explain with my poor english…
The best…Micke S.

After you split your songs you can, in each “daughter” project just bounce each clip to render it as a new file, the new length being just the song length and not the full 10 songs. Before render in place was an option - and you could do it also, render without any fx, wich is the same as bounce - I used bounce quite a lot, with a dedicated key command. And I still do, as I have Render in place default settings to bounce fx-wet.

Hi, thanks for answer!
But I do not follow…
Do you mean that I shall…
1, Make 10 backups.?
2,Bounce the segment that I will use ?
When bounce. I allways get the question, “replace”? What happens with the original file?

Is there really not an easier way to do it?

I’ve had to do this with live records.

  1. You only use the one set of large audio files.
  2. You create one “Master” Nuendo session file that contains the entire set of songs.
  3. From that Master, you then “save a new version” with each new version being named for each song.
  4. You then open each song, and edit down the audio file clips to the area that contains only the one song. This you do ONLY if each song will need to be processed and mixed differently than the others.
  5. If it was a live show, you keep mixing the Master, but name each song as you finish mixing it, i.e. “Master-Song 1”, “Master-Song 2.” But you do not edit down the audio clips. You are only naming versions of sessions as you finish each song.
  6. At the end you can have a “Master- All Songs” session file, or whatever naming convention you want.


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Great! Big thanks! I will try when at my daw
Thanks again

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I can see that if you make song (region specific) tweaks and aren’t using automation for that. But otherwise, what’s the advantage?

When you export it you can select a region that represents a specific song on the string-out and it will render only that song. Are there other advantages to splitting it in separate files?

I will mix each song differently and .I am asking about a safe way to get those long files separated to become tracks for an LP in the easiest way… Of course will they have automation, different revebs etc… But I want every track to be in the ballpark from beginning and not start over for every song…
I know it can be a little messy with the " new version" strategy…
Well more ideas??

this! :wink:

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Eeh, ok thanks…