advice needed


I have been working with cubase 6, the full version, but I haven’t added any plug ins or anything else yet.

I have been going through some tutorials online and it seems that people really use plugins that aren’t included in cubase a lot!

Before I go and buy some stuff, I thought I first ask the experts here.

I am trying to make music similar to this:

And I want to get plugins, sample library and tutorials for this.

So here are the questions:

  1. What exactly is halion sonic? Is it a library of files or a plug in? I am specifically trying to get as many sounds in the high frequency range as possible. I’m looking for celestial type of sounds (listen to link for idea). Is halion sonic something that I should get? I don’t have many of these high frequency sounds available at the moment so I’m on a search for them.

  2. What plugins are some essentials that you would recommend, and where do i get them? The whole subject is kind of a big blur to me at the moment there are so many, and I have a mac so it seems like they are harder to come by. Any that would help for electronic type music, preferably free but paid will work if they are worth it.

  3. Any good online courses for electronic music/dubstep? I am going through several courses right now learning basics but some are soo far from electronic music, it’s kinda hard to relate to them and I feel like I wasted my money on some of them. If you guys can offer any suggestions that’d be awesome, it will probably save me some cash :confused:



  1. HALion Sonic is software instrument (VSTi plug-in), which included sound library. There is HALion Sonic SE in the Cubase, which contains smaller sound library.

  2. Plug-You can find lots of plug-ins on the