Advice on Midi and Audio soundCard Economical but sounds well wanted

I have a windows 7 Dell Pc with Cubase 10 and I am seeking to install a second soundcard with Midi mpu ports
and audio as well.

I wish to use both the Lynx Asio driver and additionally I want to use the second soundcard Mpu midi drivers

In addition to that I was thinking of using this second sound cards audio driver on other external audio software at the same time

The most key thing is that I run the Lynx Asio and this second sound card in Cubase 10 for midi interfacing.

In an earlier version of cubase I had no problem doing that with windows XP. So My question is what is an economical but sound
Midi/Audio Sound card I can use to complement the Lynx card.

Obviously I want a good implementation of Midi that is solid

Also perhaps it would be pc or perhaps external card. Previously my second sound card was external.
any suggestions welcomed.

You can use only one Asio driver in Cubase at a time. So a second card won’t really work. Unless you use that instead of the Lynx? You can maybe choose to use a USB midi interface to add midi input/outputs and still use your Lynx as the Asio sound device?

Thanks for the answer so far so let me say
I have lots of standard Mpu401 Midi devices I want to use with cubase So I I guess I could change from One driver to another driver at a time using the other soundcard for all the Midi and Audio whilst making the recordings and then when I am ready to master with Cubase change the driver over to the Lynx which will be better for mastering going up to 192k etc.

So given I need a good midi implementation but I could do with just OK audio implementation Nothing really impressive
Then obviously I could change to the Lynx at time of mastering.

What is a reasonably priced soundcard then to use instead of the Lynx during recording

Any ideas?

Kinda depends on your budget. The question asked i quite hypothetical. What is reasonable priced? How many midi channels do you need to control?

It wouldn’t make sense to buy another audio interface to get mpu-401 compatible connections. Besides the fact that you would have to constantly switch from one device to another it will only have 1 in&output. If you have multiple devices you would like to control via midi in your setup it makes more sense to buy a dedicated midi interface with enough in/outputs to satisfy your needs. That way you can keep using your Lynx for high quality audio and still control your midi devices. To actually record the audio generated by the external device you’ll also have to connect it to an audio input of course.

Here’s a few examples of midi devices. Prices range from €100 to about €300

icon CubeMi 5 USB MIDI interface 5x5 MIDI interface
Motu MIDI Express 128 8x9 MIDI interface
iConnectivity mio10 MIDI interface 10x10 MIDI interface