Advice on working in time rather than beats

I have to edit and create shortened versions of some classical music pieces. I would prefer to be able to work only in time rather than bars-beats for this task as it is more appropriate for the task.
However I have not been able to find how to get the grid to align with seconds rather than beats nor how to get the info display line to tell me the time stamp at the cursor etc.

For example, how can I use the range tool to select a part of an event and get an idea of its actual duration in seconds?

Can anyone provide some guidance please?

Thanks in advance

On the transport bar at the bottom where you see the current time in bars/beats, you should be able to just click the note icon on the left and select something else like ‘Timecode’ or in your case you probably would like ‘Seconds’. The time display, grid, even grid increments, everything should change.

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Hi @ManChicken, yes, I see that now, thanks for the response.