Advice please? - best way to run cubase on Macbook Pro/Win 7

I’m currently running Cubase 6 32bit on my new Macbook Pro 17" running Windows 7 32bit (via bootcamp).

However, clearly the 5400 rpm internal drive is not helping with the performance, especially running VST instrument from the same drive.

I’m also aware of the RAM limit with 32bit Windows, so I’m thinking of upgrading to 64 bit windows, and also putting the whole lot on an external 256Mb SSD and running it all from there (via USB).

Is that the best way to go about this, I mean to achieve the best performance possible? If so, how would I go about getting the 64bit Win7 O/S onto the external SSD? Or would it be better to Clone my entire Macbook5400 drive to a new SSD, then physically install the SSD into the Macbook? And is it then possible to upgrade my windows 7 installation to 64bit even though Im running the 32bit windows from bootcamp?

Hope someone can offer sensible advice on the way to approach this.


I guess I’ve answered my own thread here.

Have decided the best option is to get an SSD drive and put in in an FW800 bus powered enclosure. Run cubase and all my VSTi’s from that.

Should be faster than any 7200 rpm internal drive out there.


Just out of curiousity, why would you run windows on a mbp?

Not wishing to open a can of worms. But I find windows beats mac o/s hands down…for too many reasons to mention.