Advice please: Transferring audio between projects?

Hello - I have audio on tracks in an old project which I’d like to drop on a track in a new project.

I have tried drag and drop, in two ways: between project windows (it’s kind of a pain to get both open at once, drag/size them to the correct portion of the screen, etc.), and also going to my E://Cubase Projects hard drive and dragging the audio file itself from other project into my current one (which seems a bit easier).

I’ve tried import from the Pool, but it’s not all that easy for me … mainly because despite my best effort to name tracks clearly and descriptively, when I’m trying to choose from the old project’s pool, all the names look so similar it’s hard to identify the correct one I want to import into the new project (pages +/- 382-384).

What I instinctively am reaching for is something like: Open old project and find the audio event on the track … right click copy it … open the currrent project and select the appropriate track … right click paste … and there it is.

Is there anything like that, which I haven’t found yet?

How are you guys doing this … getting audio from a track on an old project into a new project … thanks!

Reading further - maybe saving the whole track from the old project, bringing it into the new project, then moving the audio within to where it needs to be?

Thanks -

give this a whirl:

“You can place a clip or region from the Pool as an event on the Project window by simply dragging it, and Cubase will create an audio track for you automatically if one doesn’t already exist. Alternatively, place the selected clip or region on the selected track in the Project window (at the current location of the Project cursor) by selecting Pool / Insert into Project / At Cursor. It’s also possible to use the Pool / Insert Into Project / At Origin command to place a clip back into the Project window at the point it was originally recorded.”

You may be able to lust plop them onto the project on different tracks, select all of them then use the command “move to origin”… If it is something like a few guitar tracks you are adding to a new project, what will happen is your added files will be in sync with themselves then you can select them then slide them to the part of the new song where you want them to be.

What are you trying to accomplish?

Thanks, Tom :slight_smile:. A nice reference to a much needed (by me) review of the pool, but I think it’s maybe not quite what I’m needing …

Whenever I start a project it gets its own folder. Within that folder I create a new .cpr file every new day I work on a project, e.g., “2015-05-07 a EQ drums”. I’ll frequently do updates so a “-02” , “-03” gets added, and then if I move on to another task that day I might rename it “2015-05-07 b EQ piano” … but all the cpr files today will start "2015-05-07 … ", and the pool will have all the files from the day.

Now, sometimes I’ll want to grab some audio from a .cpr file in the same project from two weeks ago and insert it into today’s .cpr; or even grab audio from a different project folder entirely to insert into the current .cpr. I know in the first case the pool should have that audio in there, but sometimes I just can’t see it; but obviously when the audio is from an entirely different project it’s not in the current pool.

Either way, it’s getting that audio into my current project that I’m looking for the easiest way to do. If I can identify it in a pool (either the one associated with the .cpr I’m working on, or a previous one), I can use the techniques in the article you linked to to get it in the current project, but like I said, for one reason or another sometimes I can’t locate/identify it in the pool.

I haven’t tried yet to export the track that contains the audio from the old project, then import to the new one. Maybe that’ll work out well. But I sure wish the right click menu on an audio part included copy/paste functionality between projects.

Hmm … Just thought of another possibility! … Maybe “Range” >> Copy from the previous .cpr, then paste into the current one will be quicker … Will have to try that out!

Thanks for any other thoughts/suggestions you may have - I appreciate your post and the link!

Found a way that I think is fast and easy enough to make me happy.

Audio in Project 1 … want to bring it into Project 2.

  1. In Project 1 open a range within the audio, and use the macro here to copy the audio of interest.
  2. In Project 2 paste that audio into the desired position.

That’s it!

PS - How are other people doing this … still looking for something with less steps … Thanks!

Do your projects use the same audio folder? If you paste from a different project and its audio is in a different folder than the one you are pasting to, im pretty certain the associated audio will still reside in the original folder which may cause an issue if it is ever moved.

Oh, I hadn’t thought of that …

I wonder, if after I paste it … if I then “Real Copy” or “Bounce” it, whether it will then appear in the current project’s pool (independent of the old project’s pool).

Or even “Render”, though now the key strokes are starting to add up.

I guess I need to test that out. Though to be honest, I don’t tend to move audio or audio folders around much if at all.

Thanks for the heads up -


[EDIT/UPDATE] Well, I’m probably the last to know this, but bouncing the pasted audio, and saying “Yes” to “Replace Events” adds a new file into the pool - which is the same audio event in question, but renamed to the track name. So, now there are two events in the pool, which sound identical, but have different names - the name from the old project it was copied from, and the name from the track on the current, “pasted-to” project.

I wonder if it would be safe to assume that even if the audio from the other project (where the “Copy” took place) were moved for some reason, the bounced/renamed audio in the new project would be protected …?