Advice to Mold / Cast?


I’m trying to isolate a synth sound from a track.
The same notes/sound appear with different other synth cords behind and I’ve put each in to a short file. I’m thinking that I could use Cast or Mold to somehow isolate only the sound that appears in all the files, but can’t quite work out how to do this.

Can anyone offer any advice, or even have a go themselves? - I have uploaded my 4 short (~2 seconds) wav files here: WeTransfer - Send Large Files & Share Photos Online - Up to 2GB Free

Thank you. I appreciate the help.

(I’m on Spectralayers 8, as I only use it a few times a year - but considering upgrading to 11 when it comes out.)

For carving (“Cast” process) the wah-wah sound you would need that sound in isolation. I tried the “Unmix Song” feature ins SL10 because it can detect guitars but I had no luck. I tried the same file in RipX and it separated it quite well. If that is good enough for your purpose, I could run your whole song (sent via PM) through RipX and you could fine tune afterwards by manually removing any unwanted sounds.

Hi Amber,
That is fantastic! Thank you!
And thank you for making me aware of RipX. - I’ll have to investigate it further.