Advise about importing midi

So I scored a 90 minute doc in 8 Reels. I want to record and mix the long strings with live violins and a cello. The patch that I used for the long strings is very slow speaking, so all the notes are played well ahead of the actual beat. I had the idea to output a midi file into Dorico and just pull back the start times using the cool new Key Editor in Dorico. I quantized all the start times and end times. Seems to be working well except for one issue. The end times are just a hair short and show up as double dotted eighth notes, which is not a problem at the end of cues, but in the middle of a phrase it is.

The problem is I can’t just drag the ends of these notes to the end of the beat. I have to cut the ties, delete the last part of the note, drag the end to the next beat and then re-tie everything. The notes as they are will drag past the beat, just before the beat, but not on the beat. This happens only on notes imported by midi.

Any way of avoiding tons of busy work editing?


Just select all the notes and Edit>Requantise
(that would have worked on your initial midi import too - no need to fuss about start/end points))

There’s also a Write > Edit Duration > Extend to Next Note command that may be useful if for some reason requantising doesn’t do what you want.


Shouldn’t be the case: simply set your rhythmic grid resolution to 32nd notes (demi-semi-quavers), then select the double-dotted notes, and lengthen them. Lengthening/shortening notes applies to the note overall, no untie-ing required.

If changing the duration of notes by dragging them in the Key Editor, you can change the rhythmic grid in the Key Editor using the button in the Key Editor toolbar.

In this case though, the command Richard mentions above is golden; it has a couple of sibling options mentioned on the last link above.

Thanks for the responses…

So the requantization doesn’t work all the time. I’ll try all the other suggestions just as a learning experience, but what I have found that does make this all unnecessary is to import a MXL file after loading the midi file. The Midi file gives me all the tempo changes. Then I load the MXL file (which loads in the next flow), then copy and paste. Now all the notes act as they should with no length issues. In fact, I re edited all the midi 1st in Cubase, so now all that is left to do is explore the “Explode” feature.

Thanks again!