"Advisory" a New Ambient Project

Hi All,

Today I released my latest song Advisory.

Like all my songs, not so commercial, the rules bend a bit, not easy to categorize, but I have fun making them.

Advisory is “sort-of” Ambient style, blues built around the drums and Bass guitar.

Hope you enjoy.


Nice job Tor, I really like the guitar work in that!

That’s a cool track. It is ambient in a way, yet it is more than that, too. It was like you got Peter Gabriel, Vangelis and David Gilmour battling each other and for the most part it really worked.

I love the timbres and the arrangement. But, I’m a touch uncertain about the timing of the solo work over the top. I’m wondering whether latency affected this. To me the solos just need bit of nudging quite a few places so they fit better with the background.

On the whole, though, nicely done.


Hi Chubs and moggs,

Thank you both for your kind words.

Peter Gabriel,Vangelis and David Gilmoure I`m quite a fan of them all, in a reverse order :slight_smile:

Yes - Probably some lagging issues, problem is that I heard the tune so many times during mix/build that I sort of get tone-deaf and are unable to pin point then problem :slight_smile:


Hi Tor Bjarrne, it was lulling me into a pleasant dream state until suddenly the guitars woke me up. Whoa! I guess that was the effect you wanted!

Hi Early21,

:smiley: Yup