aeffect.h not included in 2018 build 67?

It’s not there, done a folders search.

Where can I get it?

This was announced here: VST 2 coming to an end and was executed with 3.6.11.


Thanks, though I doubt ableton understands that. lol

Given the fact that there are over 7000 VST2 plugins available out there, it is very unlikely that any DAW will stop support for them anytime in the near future.

I understand that Steinberg wants to promote and encourage VST3, but removing VST2 entirely is not the right way to do it. As I suggested, they should just release it open source with no support for it.

I am using VST3 SDK because I think it is better APIs than VST2 and it comes with a GUI environment but it is not reasonable to imagine that those 7000+ plugins will be “ported” to VST3 since it is not a trivial task