Aero Theme and Remote Desktop

Just an FYI…took me a little while to figure this out so I thought i’d put it out there. I was having issues enabling my Aero Theme yesterday. Turns out that Aero Themes do not support any type of remote desktop service so you will not be able to enable it until you disable it. For example, I use Logmein and I always have it on and always leave my computer on in case i’m away from the studio and get that call that i need to send a file asap. I use this very often but now, I have to keep it disabled in order to run the Aero theme IN ORDER TO RUN C8. So hopefully you guys are smarter than me and figured this out right away. But just in case you didn’t know. :frowning:

You don’t need to use remote desktop in order to copy, send, receive and save files, just use explorer (provided you’ve setup remote security on the intended drives or folders :wink: )

I understand. However, there are times where I get the request to where someone needs a show version of a song and I open up cubase and just mute the lead vocals then bounce the songs and then email them right from there. Believe it or not I get these last-minute request more often than Id like. At the end of the day this is something that I’m used to haveing and it’s no longer available to me. Will I live with it to make up for this incredible upgrade? absolutely. By the way I do not use remote desktop. I use log me in which is an app that I can login right from my cell phone or from a desktop computer so it’s really convenient for me.

Anyone figure this out yet? I use a large setup consisting of system link with three machines. Using Remote Desktop is a way to manage the VST’s on the remote machines (RDP with sound set to “leave at remote computer”) . Is this type of setup no longer supported/encouraged? I am a long time user (since SX) but never had to post for help before now. Support only told me to activate Aero (which I did as instructed) and still no success. Thank you in advance.

I have no first-hand experience with this, but I have heard that VNC clients work, have you tried that?

I have tried that and it works to a degree. I have not been able to get the resolution and response that I had with RDP. It has a bit of a lag compared to my usual working method. I am looking for a way to keep the old functionality. I am sure there are alternatives but I am looking to get this tried method to work. I have fallen back to version 7.5 for now.