Aerodrenaline - Impact-full rock/electronic

Hey everyone!

My partner and I are really big fans of raging guitars with lots of effects and crazy synths to go along with. We wanted to create an energetic/futuristic type of piece that could maybe serve as an opening song for a show. This is what we came up with.

Let me know what you guys think!

As a composition I think that it’s very good overall with a catchy element to it and enough parts to hold interest. I think it also holds up as an arrangement well. The two things that I will suggest though, are; that with the main riff, every now and then I’d rather you went to F# Major to lead back into the repeat of the riff instead of the A Major after the G Major every time. The second thing is the words Aerodrenaline just don’t flow that well for me. I think it’d sound better if it had the A from adrenaline in there as almost a grace note. For me it’s just missing that tiny enunciation to be complete.

I’m not sure what to suggest about the mix. As an arrangement it sounds nice and full and together. But as a whole sound it doesn’t have that kind crispness and punch that I really want for this. What are you doing for the mastering? It kind of sounds a bit dull, and that’s only in regard to the actual sound as the composition is very cool. I enjoyed it though, but to really get into it I want the sound to have that crisp punchiness. Well done with this track.

Oh, additionally, some of the starting points for the “drenaline” word come in at different times (this is especially noticeable at the end repeat) and it’d really sound better if they all began exactly on the beat that they are supposed to. I think that this is especially important because of the tightness and kind of rhythm of the guitar/other instruments and I’m also wondering if subconsciously my mind is wanting it to be more digitally perfect due to the robotic and machine-like quality ‘futuristic’ sound, which you’re captured quite well.

A bit repetitive up to 1.50 but good sound and good listen. after 1.50 gets much more interesting, I’d have used that to start the song and shortened the repetitive first 1.50 then repeated the intro maybe with a key change to add some more interest…just my thoughts but it’s good stuff…Kevin

love it , this is music to my ears and a welcome change for the English side of the “made with Cubase” .Love the idea and the whole feel , it breaths life but it does need to pick up and go somewhere , if I may suggest ,tuck the track away for a couple of weeks and come back to it with a fresh mind , it’s certainly a cracking track so don’t give up on it .



Really great composition, I don’t really agree with comment about having vocal pattern in same place every time. The F# thing might be interesting but wouldnt know if it works till I heard. My only criticism is in Mastering it sounds as if you really pushed volume as far as it would go and so you don’t notice the softer parts volume changes enough. I’m not really versed in this style so take that for what it’s worth. I also love that kick drum thing at end, was it to back to back compressors with a long Reverb? Great effect

Thanks a lot man, I really appreciate your input. I’ll try that F# Major for sure, I can see it sprinkled in a few parts to give it a little more variation and character.

The vocal was a little trickier since we were only using one word. We tried to give it a little variation on the chorus by changing the beat in which it started. Likewise, making it sound synthetic and robotic is something we are still working on. It’s a tug of war between how much can you process the vocal without making it sound blurry and inaudible and at the same time making it sound precise and calculated.

Unfortunately I know what you are referring to when you talk about the crispy punchiness that its missing. We are running on a limited budget, so we have to record everything through our NI Audio 6 Pre’s, which we feel is hurting us pretty bad. It’s specially noticeable in the high end, it just lacks those delicious harmonics you can get with a nicely distorted guitar. It makes it a lot harder to mix and master, compared to other songs which we’ve made solely with VSTi’s.

Right on man, haha! Glad you found it refreshing and enjoyed it :smiley:

Thanks for the comment and the input. Mastering is something we are still working on, its a completely different skill we feel. This song was specially hard to master (compared to others we’ve made) because of the way we had to record the live guitars and bass. Hopefully we’ll be upgrading in this department soon (if we win the lottery this Friday :laughing: )
Oh, and the kick drum at the end was a very nicely sampled kick with a very compressed reverb tail, a little distortion and a little delay.

It has a lot of energy. Sounds like it’s mono to me. Everything in the center, no width.

Yes, that’s what’s bothering me as well…

But I like the song, good job!

Yeah, I just meant every now and then that I think it’ll sound cool. :stuck_out_tongue:

@Early21 and HornForHire:

Thanks for listening and for the input guys. I agree, this a mix we definitely have to revisit, specially on our stereo bus. It’s not quite there, specially for the kind of material we were going for in this track.

what this track needs is a 40k funktion one system to blast it out on and make the place rattle !!!

love it :wink:

Hope you get the mix sorted, I really like the style of the track.

Good theme with some cool effects. The mix sounded pretty good to me. I thought maybe just a little bit repetitive.

I like the fusion of sounds here–it’s definitely intriguing. If the arrangement was more diversified and a stronger punch throughout, you’d have a killer track.

Thanks for all the feedback guys.

Unfortunately we agree, this mix needs a lot more bite and edge for the type of genre we are aiming for. It’s probably something we’ll have to go back and revise.

On the other hand, we’re glad some people found it different and interesting to listen to. Definitely a challenge trying to write this type of genre, hopefully we’ll get it right down the line :smiley:

Waiiiiiiiiiit… I also wanna say something :slight_smile:

Love it… really great mood in this song :smiling_imp:
everything else is already said… no need to repeat - I am sure you will make this one awesome !


Cool composition for sure. Definitely works. Love the distorted vocal sound. How’d you do that? Very tight bass but Doesn’t seem to be much low bass content. Is that purposely for TV or something? I have lot’s of nice monitoring at my disposal but I’m listening on iphone headphones on purpose since that’s what most average folk use.

Thanks for the support, glad you liked the mood!

Glad you liked it!
To create the vocal we just recorded several takes of us saying “Aerodrenaline,” then pitched them down and hard tuned them using VariAudio and then a further pitchdown and tune with the Cubase PitchCorrect. Add a little distortion and reverb to taste, and that was that.