Afro beats in Cubase

Hello Cubase users
I’m looking for Afro beats in Cubase. A search for “Afro” brought up about 14 items, all fairly similar and Afro-rumba-ish. See here

I know there’s a zouk loop. And some South American style slow rumba midi files. But I’m not finding anything else.
Does anyone know if there are other more adventurous Afro grooves lurking anywhere in Cubase… kpalogo, kwela, mbaqanga, kwaito, amapiano.

Most of the stock beats are going to be very urban/hip-hop oriented. You might be able to find something of interest by browsing the included content sets. Click the Media tab in the right zone, then Loops and Samples:

Also take a look at the Bouncy Vibrations expansion for Groove Agent. This is a dance-oriented expansion with Afro-inspired grooves.

Thanks @Romantique_Tp That’s good to know. I also found a Loop set called Africa in Media, which sounds quite good. I’ll remember Bouncy Vibrations. But it would be nice to have some more Afro grooves in the Cubase default set.

It’s super easy just to fill a folder with loops and set it as a source in media bay, you can then grab loops from all over. i.e.:

Thanks @skijumptoes That’s an amazing site. How come I’m just discovering that? Do you know any more like that?