AFter 10-15 years I still can't rename files in the pool

AFter 10-15 years I still can’t rename files in the pool!!!
What do I do wrong???
It’s just beyond me how I still can’t change the name and the tempo of files consistently in the pool, nor in the info line.
Sometimes like 3% percent of the time it works and I don’t know why and it won’t work with the next file I try.
So what do I do wrong? It can’t possibly be a known issue for all these years and nobody cares and nobody else has the problem?

I change names all the time via the info line without issue. Try explaining the steps you use (or show a screen vid) to change the names. Hopefully we will see what is going on.

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Info line has always worked perfectly for me.

However as you say, the Pool should be the centre of file management in a project yet I don’t recall any updates to it since the original SX. Along with the MediaBay its long overdue an update with some joined up thinking.

I get the same “could not rename the file” prompt when I try in the info line.

File protection at the OS level?

You could try opening Cubase as admin. Just to test if it makes any difference.
Win10 can be really protective sometimes, is the project on C:\somewhere
I sometimes have trouble if the folder is 1 level from root. 2 levels and the problem is gone.
Newer figured out how or why, could be I made the folders as admin back when I ran Cubase as admin all the time.

I already run Cubase as admin for some other reason, but great point.

Check file permissions as per folders and files in it. This is one of the reasons I switched back to win 7. I had to constantly give permissions to everything I tried to install, also moving files to different location could be problematic

You might be onto something here. I gave myself access to all my files in the project hard drives on the computer I have bought and it was not given to me by Microsoft so now I can use my computer like I want. The project I was working on is still locked but so far it seem like I can change both name and tempo on newly opened projects. We’ll see next time when I restart if even the locked project is unlocked … :open_mouth: :neutral_face: