After 9.5.30 Pro update Waves RVox not functioning

I updated Wavelab Pro yesterday and found that processing an audio file through RVox results in what I can only describe as loud ‘stuttering fuzz’ - Today I updated my Waves install from 9.0 to 10.0 but no difference. Since this occurred as a result of the Wavelab update I am coming here first.

Are you using a mono source file when trying to use RVox?

This sounds similar to another recently reported issue.

VST2 or VST3?

I just needed the nudge in the right direction: It was mono using VST - I just tried VST3 and successfully processed a test file.

Thanks - I had done a search here but not landed on any clues.

Good to know. It seems like 9.5.30 introduced a widespread issue with mono source files and VST2 plugins. In cases like UAD where all they offer is VST2, it’s a real bummer but luckily with Waves they have a VST3 option as well so that should at least be a temporary fix for you until the next WaveLab update incase you prefer to use VST2 for whatever reason.

There is indeed a problem with VST-2 plugin that can only process 32 bit float and that act on a mono file.
Always use VST-3 when you can.
The problem will be fixed later this month in a 9.5.35 update.