After a reinstall now Cubase 12 can be left idle for a long time again [solved]

I’m just happy to announce that Cubase 12 now behaves as expected. Something happened and I had no idea what but my installation of C12 could not be trusted with being idle for any length of time. The program just became unresponsive. I had to use the Win Task Manager to shut it down and restart. I thought “this … is … not … good … enough!” and thought of a solution. why not decapitation and resurrection? So I saved my preference s and reinstalled, started and stopped Cubase to check if it survived that near death stunt and then I popped a few files back in the preference folders. Not a single crash since that and that’s ~ three days ago. Case closed! :sunglasses:

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Congratulations! Can you describe how did you reinstall C12, step by step? Thank you.

Well, that’s probably the easy part and reinstall details are not the difference, I guess. I think whatever I did first time was not ideal. Let’s leave it at that. I don’t remember exactly how but the new license system made me do things out of order, when everybody and their aunt was online doing DoS attacks at Hamburg. I guess that could have been the root of the problem?

Reinstalling was as simple as it gets. Some info about preffs backup in the original post and the rest was just using the Task Manager in Windows and then the Steinberg Download Assistant. No extraordinary stunts required. The SDA downloaded the installer for the program again. Same same but different?

Bottom line is anyone finding this topic who has not yet tried a reinstall should not overlook it.

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