After a while monitorsound drops like a noisegate

Using the mr816x for a couple of years now i,m encountering a very annoying issue. After a couple of minutes working in cubase with the mr816x, using direct monitoring, and the built in dsp, de monitor sound just dissapears. Only when i,m making a lot of noise through the mices, monitorsound comes back again. When i,m recording something very quiet, i can,t hear anything from monitor. As is there is a noisegate working. Even without using cubase and using the mr editor, same thing happens. I hear sound coming from the dsp but no directmonitoring sound. In cubase it records wel, so the preamps can,t be the issue. No strange things happens during playback. There must be something wrong in de direct monitoringchain. Whatever output i use, both headphones or other outputs, after a while no direct sound. What to do. Is this a hardware issue??