After buying Padshop - Padshop Pro?


I had this issue before on my old computer. I was trying Padshop Pro trial for a while and decided to go with the normal Padshop first to see if it would be enough for my purposes. Sample import is nice, but there are tons of samples to play with already in the little one.

I bought Padshop. Uninstalled everything from the previous trial. Installed Padshop. Activated via Soft-eLicenser. Opened in my DAW and I still get to see Padshop Pro. (Hence the trial was still running I suppose.)

Same scenario is happening now with a new computer I got since 2 days. Got me a new activation key. Used the installer I had downloaded from Steinberg after my Padshop purchase again. Activated my license. Again, Padshop Pro, but no way to get access to the normal Padshop.

There must be a way to get access to the version I bought, no? Or do I really have to wait 30 days for the trial license to expire to finally use the product I purchased? :frowning:

Any help appreciated.

No one?

Can’t believe that I’m the only one that just wants to get Padshop first, before jumping on Pro. :wink:

I wrote to support 3 times in the past when I still had Cubase 5 Essential and never got a reply. One week into this one now… :frowning:

Sounds like you should open a support ticket.

Indeed. And I did already when this issue appeared the first time, roughly 10 days ago. That’s why I mentioned my first experience with support tickets when I still had Cubase 5 Essential. :slight_smile:

I’m pretty sure they are on vacation. And they are swamped with C7 issues. It’s not really an excuse for slow support response. But, it is probably impacting your results.