After checking the full list of available remote devices, which one was the best for your Cubase workflow?

I have just checked the list (that I used to overlook, cause I did not find the need) on available remote devices that are already implemented inside the Cubase Pro 11 (mac).

The list is:

  • JLCooper CS-10
  • JLCooper MCS-3000
  • Tascam DM-24
  • WK-Audio ID
  • Yamaha 01v
  • Yamaha 01V96 V2
  • Yamaha 02R96 V2
  • Yamaha DM1000 V2
  • Yamaha DM2000 V2
  • Yamaha DM2000 V1

I got really curious about these, I have not heard of them much before, most users around me talked about MCU units or Eucon units, but um…

For those who have enough experience with these units,
which one served you the best?

My future bucket list is, one day, to own Nuage… so I am craving for the best Cubase controller and this list got me very curious and wonder if any of these can do what MCU cannot do…?

Please share your experience :slight_smile:

p.s: other additional question, are there digital mixing console that actually works pretty well with Cubase 11 Pro?

  • Wow, just googled everything about WK-Audio ID… What was this beast…!!! man, it is definitely the old nuage type… had everything… wonder what happened to the company… amazing controller…
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All of these devices are quite old.

I would go for Mackie Control or EuCon (if you need more extra function, like calling Function from the touch screen).

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Right sir! I was just curious if these still relevant. haha

I’ve got an old MCU. Top tip: stay away from the MCU Pro if you want to save a ton of cash. The only difference between the two is the pro version has midi i/o over USB. I bought my MCU used for £100 and spent another £10 on a midi to usb cable, saved myself £800 over getting the pro. The functionality is 2nd to none and you can still get the cubase overlays on ebay.

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Other difference of MCU and MCU Pro is, the MCU Pro is made in China. Not the old one…


I just use BCF 2000 as MCU, still works. Yeah, I think you are talking about Logic Control mk1 right…? I heard it works just like Pro, but how are faders? are they as smooth as Pro…? or like… you cannot tell the difference…? because some say ALPS faders are better…? but me, someone with BCF 2000 faders, any other fader can be good enough… lol (BCF 2000 faders are notoriously known for noisy motorised faders… but still it is ok… BCF 2000 does not have touch-sensitive…) Is yours touch sensitive…? because touch is important for automation punch in…?


BCF2000 faders and MCU faders, that’s totally different class.

Yes, MCU faders are touch-sensitive. And much more quiet. They are also longer (100mm comparison to 60mm of BCF2000). And you get a display, so you can see, what do you really control.

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Right, even the very first MCU mk1 model has nice smooth touch-senstive…?
(It is because, I heard it from the users that mk1 unit faders are not as smooth as Pro unit Alps faders, just curious)
Yeah, BCF 2000 faders are ‘disastrous’ hahahaha but I manage to mix with it. For now.
Wish 2ndhand MCU units around my area come up on sale :slight_smile:
Yes, I am keen to upgrade my fader unit any time :slight_smile:

If mk1 MCU logic control has nothing so much different after all, I am pretty keen to use it :slight_smile:

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The touch sensitive P&G faders are decent on my MCU. Not completely silent but not overly noisy. As for functionality the MCU makes the BCF 2000 look like a toy. If you want to know how it functions just go to the Mackie website and download the manual for the pro version as all the controls and functions are exactly the same. I’m currently running mine on firmware V2.1.2 with full control of Cubase Pro 10.5.30.

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Oh yeah! Good to hear :slight_smile: I would have stoked to get MCU unit (either pro or mk1) instead but just could not find any decent 2nd hand unit around my area sadly… but I am still looking, and also I am well-aware of its functions because I had to read the manual to understand its way of integrating with Cubase hehe

It still blows my mind, how they came up with their own unique universal protocol that just ‘does’ the job still to this day!

Also, you get a display… :slight_smile: