after Cubase / HalionSonicSE update, MIDI file import no longer loads programs


after Cubase/HalionSonicSE update, MIDI file import no longer loads patches automatically.

I just upgraded from Cubase 9.5.10 to 9.5.30 (and it also updated my HalionSonicSE)…however now when I drag n drop or import MIDI files, it doesnt load the patches in HalionSonicSE.

And yes, in the preferences, it is set to load HalionSonicSE.

It does load HalionSonicSE as a virtual instrument- but not the patches. So MIDI files now will not load GM patches with HalionSonicSE.



Try setting Halion Sonic in options to GM mode first before loading the Midi file … F