After export send to FTP

please add, export to FTP on the export window.
I don’t see why soundcloud was there in the first place (and not facebook ;D) please add more “pro” options like shared drives and other wetransfers. But FTP is really an option I would use.
adress, log, path, folder… each export would also be sent while exporting to save time ?

ftp is retro technology.
Even the common browsers do not support ftp anymore.

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what type of projects you work on ?
Doing music for film the only way to keep things updated for me is to have a proper FTP. All files updated, organise folders for teams. every one drop their new update you pick what you need.
I would understand for someone delivering mix for a band for exemple… you need 1 batch of files to work with and on batch of files to deliver and that’s it. wetransfer could be enough. But all other solutions than FTP are limited in size or you need to register people r you get mail notification for download that are confusing with updates etc…
also browsers are usless with FTP. The idea is to work with lots of files, versions, stems. You don’t want to right clic download file one by one from your browser.