after export where do they go

Hey guys i have never exported a file inside cubase where do they go i know it is so simple. it is easy but i can’t find the files to play back what i have mastered.any help would be ao\ppeciated/i am bit of a dummy :mrgreen:

On the export page is a browser thingy where you can select where the files are saved.

For mixdowns I usually have this set to my desktop so that I can find them quickly and then move them when and where I want.

When you create a project, a folder named Audio is created inside your project folder. Cubase saves mix down files inside that audio folder by default. But you can change that. I wouldn’t recommend saving your files on desktop though. You can create another folder in your project folder and name it something like MXDN or whatever you wish. This means you can save your exported files anywhere, but there’s always a chance that you get confused later. Cubase saves any audio file you record in the audio folder. I think it’s a good idea to have a separate folder for exports. This way you keep your projects more organized.

Only if the save to project folder box on the export page is checked.

Each to his/her own. It works for me. When I do a mixdown I export to the desktop, find it instantly, play it to check it’s ok and then move the file to the folder and drive of my choice.
When I do exports that are part of the ongoing project I export to the project folder as recommended by ipanema.

The beauty of Cubase you can choose your own workflow.

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they goto your created project folder in a subdir called \Audio

I’m sorry but I know that I’m not wrong on this. If you record audio, the files go into the audio folder in the project folder but if you export audio, the files go to wherever you have set the path in the export page unless you have activated any of the import into project options in which case the file will go into the audio folder in the project folder as as previously stated.

From the manual
5.In the File Location section at the top, you can set up the naming scheme for the exported files and select a path for the mixdown files.