After hitting enter after edit, score jumps to new position.

This has been an ongoing problem since the first release of Dorico. When I’m finished editing something and hit return the score jumps to a new position, sometimes back to the beginning. Anyone else have this problem>

Yes, I have this same problem. It is frustrating when working on a large score.

I’m not quite sure based on your description exactly what operation you’re describing, Richard. Are you in galley view or page view? If you’re in page view, are you working at one of the “whole page/system” zoom levels or at one of the percentage-based zoom levels? Do you use one of the horizontal or vertical page arrangement options? What kind of object are you editing? Where is the screen positioned before you start the edit, and where is it positioned after the edit?

Here is what I’ve documented last several days. This morning I was doing note entry in write mode, finished a string of eighth notes, then entered 6 for quarter, - for flat then note D and it flipped to the top of the score. On another occasion I just used the left arrow key to move the input cursor back a beat and it flipped to another spot in the score. Also just inputting a note and hitting enter has caused this to happen.
This only occurs in write mode and mostly when editing, but I can’t isolate a particular thing that makes it happen.

Could it be that you’re reaching the end of a page/system and Dorico is jumping to the start of the next system? It’s not something I experience, but probably because I do all my note entry in Galley mode (where there are no system/page ends or beginnings!).

To the best of my recollection it happens anyplace in the score and frequently jumps back to the top of the score, but sometimes other places.

Happened again just now. I had copied 2 bars of music, pasted them a few bars over, and after pasting them the score jumped to a new position several pages away.

And another one: It happened when I just hit the r key for repeating an eight note.

Dear Richard,
Have you read Daniel’s answer? I am sure everyone here is willing to help you, so please provide us with the information he asked : are you in page view or galley view? And so on…:wink:

page view, mostly note input and editing.

This is probably a dumb question, but unless you are dealing with a popover, why would you hit the enter key in Dorico?

Richard, are you using a vertical page arrangement, or a horizontal page arrangement? If you’re using a vertical page arrangement, then I suggest you try using one of the horizontal ones instead. There is a bug that can cause the score to move unexpectedly to the first page when the selection changes that only affects the vertical page arrangement options.

Thanks Daniel, I do use vertical page arrangement and will switch to horizontal. Also relieved to hear it’s a bug and not my machine.

I had this kind of bug in the previous version, especially in page view (zoom mode : whole page) and it was the only zooming that caused the bug, so I never use it again