After Installation... What Files Can Be Deleted

Been using CB 11 for several days and all is running well… :wink:

I installed all the files listed in the SDA but, I am slightly confused about all these separate files and how they got installed with Cubase.

Some are the “recommended” installation .exe files. Some are the “optional” .vstsound files. These all were installed into a default C:/users/download folder which I don’t believe has anything to do with the Cubase 11 working folders. Total size of these files is close to 8.4 GB.

Is it now safe to delete all of the files downloaded through the SDA?

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The files have not been installed into the C:/users/download folder. The files have been downloaded there. Then the installer did install them to the right place. So you can delete them all from the C:/users/download folder.

Thank you Martin.

Regards :sunglasses:

I have a similar question, and the Library Manager manual doesn’t explain this. I’m using Cubase 10.0.40
Basically I cannot find the VST sounds that are supposedly in my library, anywhere else in Cubase Media Bay.

For example:
After I purchased Tguitar and successfully downloaded the VST sound file for Tguitar (and another VST Sample sound file for Tguitar Samples) they both say “successfully installed” in the Library. I can see them in the library, and one is my hard-drive (Tguitar) which works fine. But the other Tguitar Samples WAS NOT on my hard-drive it’s in this MYSTERY LOCATION called /Library/ApplicationSupport/Steinberg/Content/Halion…sound-AcousticSamples/AS_TGuitar_Samplescopy.vstsound. But I think I figured out how to “MOVE” that file to my hard-drive and double click on the .vstsound file and set a path and now the library says it’s on my hard-drive, and successfully installed, and I see the path changed OK. But it’s not visible in Cubase.

How to I find Tguitar Samples VST in Cubase? I look in the media bay, and it’s not there. Neither are most of the supposed sounds I own, which are listed in my library. Moving them to my hard drive didn’t help. They’ve vanished and I cannot use them, because I cannot find them. For example, Trombone 01 is missing, and I only have a stock trombone from HSE2. And Sequel Content Set Rock is missing, and I only have basic Sequel Content samples.

So I’m unable to activate half of my VST samples, very frustrating.

See THREE screengrabs attached, and somebody please explain?
Thank you! Gordon