After purchasing Dorico

I purchased Dorico Pro 3.5 several months ago, but never had time to start and use it. Now finally I have time to start, but no clues where to start. On the email of the confirmation of the purchase, I see the activation code.
Can anyone help me pls where to go and what to do with the code so that I can use Dorico? I guess I only need this activation code to download Dorico in my computer, right?

The Activation Code goes in the eLicencer Control Center (run as Administrator). Last time I upgraded there was (for the first time) also a download code that needed to be plugged into the Steinberg Download Assistant (SDA) which then generated the code for the eLicenser; so if you find your activation code is too short, you may have to go through the SDA.

Thanks. I am sorry but not able to follow. May you please explain what are the steps to follow to make the software running? Thanks in advance

You can download Dorico (and the “Sounds”) directly from here:

Or download the Steinberg Download Assistant, which is an app that has links to all the Steinberg software.

If memory serves, when you launch Dorico for the first time, it will complain that it’s not registered, but you should be able to click into the elicenser and paste in your activation code.

You might also find this guide helpful:

Installing Dorico 3.5 demo from download.pdf (756.3 KB)