After recording vocals tracks they playback offbeat!

Hello, I have a sound card Steinberg ur22c, and a microphone, the drivers are ok, my latency is low, but I have a problem when playing playback, the vocals are out of bits, I set the bpm, I don’t know what to do I tried everything help me .!!!

This is probably due to latency. Is it not possible to simply drag the recorded files into time? (Pressing J to deactivate Snap will allow for more precise movement)

we have also Latency Problems while Voice Recording. Do you have tried out the “Restrict delay compensation” (hope it is the right Translating g) while you recording the Vocal part?


Hi, I turned that off,but still the vocals are not synchronized with the instrumental.

Hello I tried and still my vocals are not synchronized with the instrumental :(((

If you can post a video or something to help better understand why your vocals are not syncing.

I assume, if you turn the Metronome on, your instrumental is in sync with the project tempo?

I tried all the sound processing programs, I set the bpm metronome straight with the instrumental, but when I play the playback sounds out of time I do the mix I do everything the same again, can there be a problem in the sound card ?

Do you perhaps have the Track Delay set to something other than zero?