after the 7.1 update


I had some crashing problems with 7.01 update while working with external plugin. I tried 7.1 today and it worked fine where it was crashing before. The only problem I noticed was random drop out on resulting wav file. Usually in 1 place of the track. Then I needed to re render it again. Turning all other audio apps seems to help. I also rendered to a different HDD.

This stuff seems 2 be unreliable. Coz I need to listen to whole track every time to be sure there are no drop outs.
Such thing never happens in Nuendo 5.

I also tried to do the following: rendered all the digital processes first and the applied the analog chain at the end. Seems to work without dropout this way. But still bit time consuming.

What PG has to say about this?


This plugin has been revisited and improved, performance wise. But make sure to have ASIO buffers of at least 256 samples (512 being better). And enough bufers set in the Audio Streaming preferences.

Thanx PG,

It feels like it was improved and is more stable now. I have 32 buffers in Audio Streaming options and audio card was set to 512 buffers( I use the same in N5). I had drop outs with such settings.

Should I increase Audio Streaming to 64? or 32 should be normally enough?


32 should be enough if you use sample rate <= 48k.

Yeah I use 44100 24 bit while mastering. So if it drops out at normal settings, whom to blame?:slight_smile: I still trust N5 more than WL7 in this case. Tho WL7 has some really nice features. How unfair!!