After update 4.3.20 no sound

After update to Dorico 4.3.20 there is absolutely no sound in Dorico. I need assistance here!
I am on macbookpro Mojave. It seems to have something to do with the update to Halion Sonic 7 because the same thing happens with cubase. What to do?

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If one has just updated, I would suggest going into the Play menu and re-applying the desired Playback Template.

Hi @fransmossberg , there is a known issue with HALion Sonic 7 and the new MediaBayServer. For a workaround please have a look at this thread.

Does the current SDA Update automatically install HALion Sonic 7 rather than the version of HALion SE that was originally part of the 4.3.20 install?

I don’t know.

Has there been any help found to this problem by now for a mac user?

SDA doesn’t automatically install HALion Sonic 7 when you run it (though it does automatically install the new MediaBay, but that’s no problem provided you are using HSSE3.5 rather than HS7); however, if you download Dorico 4 afresh from SDA, you will be given HS7 rather than HSSE3.5, and that will then introduce the problem (the combination of HS7 plus the new MediaBay is what gives rise to the problem: either of them without the other is fine).

@fransmossberg, I don’t think our colleague @Joerg has produced a script of the same kind as the Windows one for Mac users, but I’ll ask him if that’s something he might have time to take a look at.

I found the unistall file for HS7 in the downloads folder and uninstalled it. In the same folder I found the HSSE 3.5 and installed it anew. Heureka, evrything back to normal! both Dorico and Cubase. I had lost one whole valuable day however, which would have be totally unnessessary had I had information of this in connection with updating Dorico and HS. I seems Steinberg has prematurely published the HS7 without checking that it works with its environment well enough. Thanks anyway for trying to help along the way! Now I will wait with installing HS7 until Dorico and Cubase have both new versions. That will be my advice to fellow musicians composers too!

That’s what I was wondering. Thanks, Daniel, for confirming.

…which means sadly you´ll land into trouble as I understand it,